Share to multiply

Spend less time worrying about mistakes and more focusing on your business

Boost performance

GRID displays the content in an eye-catching way.

No complex interfaces to learn

Stop worrying learning complicated interfaces

Simplified workflow

RL+ is the first-ever truly corporate-friendly rooming list. Collaborating and sharing on content is efficient.

Collect needs

Build the rooming list based on the real customer need. Look what the PLANNER module could do for you.

Roominglist Manager

Manage your rooming in few clicks.

  • Professional and easy-to-use software
  • Setup and installations takes ten minutes
  • Perfect for any device with pixel-perfect design
  • It takes few minutes to setup
  • Assign rooms to your subsidiary whith just one click
  • Control the rooming list evolution day by day
example roominglist ifat2018

Roominglist Planner

All you needs in few clicks.

  • Collect the effective user needs
  • Communicate in the smartest way the dates calendar
  • Lets user change it's own dates
  • Decide when to stop collect dates
  • Transform collected dates in rooming list
  • Say 'goodbye' to collect dates by email or phone
example roominglist planner